What is Tiiga: Nature's Hydration?

Introducing the first hydration drink mix with a raw fruit as its first ingredient: Tiiga: Nature's Hydration. Your body will thank you!
What is Tiiga: Nature's Hydration? - Tiiga

 Tiigã: Nature's Hydration is the culmination of over a year’s work in formulating a ready-to drink mix that combines the superfruit Baobab with minerals and the right balance of natural sweeteners to create a one of a kind powder drink mix. Our inspiration began when founder Harrouna showed Jeff his native drink in the fall of 2018. Baobab, Milk and Honey. Jeff didn't have the heart to tell Harrouna he was lactose intolerant so he drank it anyway and was impressed by both the taste and the effect.  From there, Jeff began to research anything and everything to do with Baobab. Jeff had already been passionate about the health and wellness area after his stints as a Division 1 College Baseball Player and 1st Base Coach so he was shocked that he had never heard about all the amazing benefits of baobab. At the time, it was popular in Francophone Africa but that it still hadn't become popular in the US. So, Jeff, his wife Katy, and Harrouna decided to embark on creating a product that would satisfy my American taste buds but not compromise the wonderful benefits of the Baobab Fruit.

The Baobab fruit on its own and the Baobab tree in particular have been used for centuries throughout Africa for their nutritional and medicinal purposes.  On its own the Baobab fruit is a great source of vitamin C, potassium, calcium , antioxidants and fiber. With a light citrusy taste, it's to eat raw or mix in a yogurt. However, mixing it directly into water is difficult and it loses its unique taste. The Tiiga Team knew they wanted something that would be easy for the consumer to take around with them and be simple to pour directly into their water bottle. So after experimenting with all sorts of drinks they've come up with our proprietary formula for Tiigã: Nature's Hydration which spices up and enhances the taste of Baobab while also including added benefits.
The added benefits are simple, straight forward, and make Tiigã: Nature's Hydration what it is. We added a vitamin B3, B6, B12 and mineral electrolyte blend low in sugar but with the right balance of sodium and potassium to help with hydration by increasing the body’s ability to absorb water more efficiently. We also added D-Ribose which speeds energy recovery, increases energy reserves and builds ATP in the heart and muscle.
At its core, though, Tiiga: Nature's Hydration is a plant based, natural hydration drink that you can feel good about putting in your body.
We hope you'll enjoy Tiigã as much as we do! 
Jeff, Katy, and Harrouna (+Bear!)

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