Our Story

A shared interest in experiencing different cultures and a passion for helping others led to the creation of Tiiga. Co-founders, Jeff Tezak, Harrouna Malgoubri, and Katy Kerins Tezak met while pursuing degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; but that was just the beginning.

Jeff, Harrouna, and Katy all felt a strong calling to connect cultures and create opportunities for improving people’s lives. It wasn’t uncommon for the three to share cuisine and knowledge from the places they’ve traveled to; however this changed when Harrouna shared a baobab-based beverage from his native country, Burkina Faso, in western Africa.

From initial taste to learning more about the health benefits of the baobab fruit, Jeff, Harrouna, and Katy's conversations led to the idea of combining the power of baobab with other natural flavors to make baobab more accessible to people. Soon after, they explored ways to elevate the economic and social value of these potential baobab-based products.

From there, Tiiga was born: this low-calorie and natural drink option is sustainably produced and has the potential to create positive change in the health of others and for women and entire communities in Africa.

We hope that with the powerful baobab fruit, Tiiga can drive you to make connections, build relationships, and experience different cultures in a way that leads to positive change in the world. A happier, healthier life is possible. Find it with Tiiga.

Jeff, Harrouna, and Katy