Our Mission

We believe that the world can be a better place when you combine nature’s gifts with responsible science. We’re guided by a sense of responsibility to empower those who cultivate the African superfruit and promote sustainable practices for a healthier planet.

We hope that with the powerful baobab fruit, Tiiga can drive you to make connections, build relationships, and experience different cultures in a way that leads to positive change in the world. A happier, healthier life is possible. Find it with Tiiga.


What We Stand For

High Quality Products

Our goal is to create the highest quality products with the best ingredients. Our Baobab fruit is raw and organic, ensuring that we retain the maximum amount of nutrients in our product.


We believe in educating and informing our valued customers about everything in our products. Each ingredient has been meticulously chosen for a specific purpose.

Low Environmental Impact

Our main ingredient, the Baobab fruit, grows naturally throughout Africa. Tiiga also utilizes the pulp in its natural state, powder, so minimal processing is needed to bring this fruit to our customers.


Tiiga was created to unite communities both in Africa and in America. Our goals is to enhance the global community. In Africa, we hope to improve education and living conditions for our producers. In America, we want to improve the health and wellness of our nation by utilizing the power of the Baobab fruit.


Tiiga was created not only provide a better product, but to support sustainable harvesting and business practices. The income opportunities for the women and communities that harvest baobab in Africa are enormous, and we are committed to supporting communities grow and thrive from the rising popularity of baobab. We know that our customers are going to love the nutritional benefits of our product as well as the communities it is supporting.