The Importance of Effective Hydration


Hydration Importance   

Do you ever notice how many reminders there are inyour daily life to stay
hydrated? But what does that really mean? From your health professional, to
spin class, to those little drink notifications that pop up on your smart watch,
everyone is reminding you to get in your water each day. But in America people
aren’t dying from dehydration (Which is something we should be very thankful
for!). Instead, people are suffering major health consequences from their drink
choses. Though it can seem annoying, or even daunting, there is a good reason
behind those constant reminders. 

Tiiga’s Benefits for Effective Hydration

Hydration benefits include healthier joints and muscles, a cleansed body, supple
skin, and cardiovascular health. Your quality of sleep improves along with your
mood. But, these benefits don’t appear after one glass of water. According to
Harvard it is recommended women consume 88oz and men consume 128oz of
water a day. As many people do not know, though, it’s not just a lack of
consuming water that causes dehydration for people. Certain medications and 
medical conditions such as diabetes can cause dehydration. 
CNN discussed how certain studies show dehydration can trigger headaches and
migraines and can be a major cause of constipation as your colon steals water
from your stool to keep your digestive system moving. Making things worse most
people spend their day drinking heavily sweetened beverages trying to stay
This is where adding in a hydration beverage like Tiiga can make a huge
difference. Low in sugar with only 4g per 16oz serving (A 16oz coke has 52g -
Yikes!), and high in gluten free soluble and insoluble fiber Tiiga combines the
organic superfruit baobab and a with the perfect blend of sodium, potassium, and
glucose to naturally replenish your body. Keeping you hydrated and your digestive
track running smoothly allowing your body to perform at its optimum level.