Tori Farlow

Tori Farlow

Ever since Tori was little, sports have been a huge part of her life and even more so today they are one of her main sources of happiness! "Movement is my life!" She says. Tori is a pro Spikeball player and loves traveling nationally to compete as well as play in multiple local soccer and volleyball leagues. While she has her main sports, she says she will try and play anything I can get her hands on!


Tori is also very active in her work life. She is a personal trainer with her own online training business Happier and Healthier 365, a soccer coach, and a bartender. "I love having a different schedule every day to stay away from the mundane. I started my business because I wanted to put more of an emphasis on mental health in the training world and I’m absolutely loving it so far". 


Tori says a little excerpt from her website explains it well, “…not only did I enjoy being active but it helped me on some of my worst days. It was an outlet for me - meditation. Realizing the depth of my love for exercise made me want to share that with others. I wanted to bring attention to the mental health side of things and focus on healthy perspectives to not only be happy with the destination but with the journey.”




To stay up to date with Tori you can follow her on Instagram @torefarlow




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