Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen
Sarah is 25 year old and a former collegiate tack and field star. Currently, Sarah lives in Columbia, South Carolina and is tackling her next challenge - roundnet. She started playing competitive roundnet in October of 2020, and loves the challenge of learning all of the unique skills that the sport has to offer, as well as the time she gets to spend with the people who are teaching her!
Sarah grew up in a small town in Nebraska, where sports were always regarded as a high priority, and also as one of the best ways to make friends. As she's gotten older, this has continued to ring true. Sarah spends her time playing primarily roundnet, volleyball, softball, disc golf, crossfit, and ultimate frisbee with  friends, and is always willing to add a new sport to the agenda!  
In addition, Sarah is currently a high school English teacher, and coaches volleyball and track at her school. She coaches long and triple jump - the same events she competed in collegiately for the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Sarah hopes that by sharing her love of sports and being active with her students and athletes, they will be able to benefit from their experiences in the same way that she has! 
To stay to up to date with Sarah, you can follow her at @allen.sarah

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