Ryan Fitzgerald

Ryan Fitzgerald
   Ryan Fitzgerald is a 26-year old roundnet athlete who resides in Long Island, NY with his wife Dana.  Ryan is one of the original roundnet ballers who has been playing roundnet at the highest level since 2014. He loves playing any and every sport and aside from roundnet, his favorites are soccer, disc golf, beach tennis, and touch tennis.  
Ryan's roundnet game revolves around his defensive mind and ability, finesse hitting, and "buttery smooth" setting. He loves to make roundnet look fun and exciting by cheeky plays and wild rallies. 
Ryan is an accomplished roundnet athlete as a 3-time East Regional champ and 5-time Spikeball Elite athlete.  For 2021, he is excited to join Jarratt Rouse this season as Knotty and challenge to be the best team in the world!
To stay up to date with Ryan follow him on Instagram at @ryanfitz95

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