Roscoe Nelms

Roscoe Nelms

Volleyball has been a huge part of Roscoe's identity as far back as he can remember. "My dad played back in his heyday and got my siblings and I into it at a very young age - and it’s stuck ever since!" The majority of Roscoe's junior career was spent playing indoor volleyball for a club team in Houston, TX before heading off to play in college in California. His first year in college, the team won 3rd at the State tournament and Roscoe earned a spot on the All-Tournament Team. While indoor was his first love, being in California where the big thing is beach, Roscoe spent a lot of training time in the sand.

 "Beach volleyball in California is a whole different animal than anywhere else and it quickly grew on me…and I haven’t looked back since!" Roscoe says. He began training for beach volleyball in 2019 and now travels all over the country to train and compete in tournaments. Over the past two years, Roscoe and his partner Riley have placed 1st in three Houston Open’s, 3rd in two San Antonio Open’s, and have at least ten other top ten finishes in various AVP tournaments. Of course, this season they hope to earn more high-ranking finishes and continue taking their game to the next level.

"I am incredibly lucky to have a great support system in my partner, my parents, my girlfriend (and of course my two dogs)", Roscoe says, "and am happy to add Tiiga to the family!"
To stay up to date with Roscoe follow him on Instagram at @ross_nelms 

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