Preston Bies

Preston Bies

 "You do you! Always strive to be ahead of the pack and actively trying to be happy :)". 

27 years old, Preston was born and raised in beautiful Santa Barbara, California where he currently still resides. "Because it’s the best 🤷🏽‍♂️😁", He says. 
Preston is currently pursuing pickleball in large amounts and as of now.. has the  honor of being named the World's Best Roundnet Player. He came from a wide background of sports due to the fact that, as Preston describes, "at a young age I promised myself I would attempt to play them all!"
You can find Preston doing just about any activity at any given time.. He is a self certified professional adventurer and sports junky! "I hope to continue this passion as long as it doesn’t interfere with becoming the worlds best father down the road.. as much as I love life and spontaneity.. success and staying ahead has to show in all aspects of life!" 




To Stay up to date with Preston you can follow him on Instagram @prestonbies and on Youtube at




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