Noah Luskus

Noah Luskus
Noah Luskus is 21 years old and started playing roundnet during his freshman year at the University of Georgia (UGA) almost 4 years ago.  After lots of struggling to become a top player on UGA’s roster, Noah finally got his chance to be on UGA’s top squad for the 2019 college national championship which UGA ultimately won over top team Texas A&M. Noah hasn’t looked back since.
Shortly after securing that national championship Noah went on to qualify for premier status and proceeded to lead UGA to another national championship in 2021. Now Noah looks to qualify for the pro division at SRA Nationals as a part of Outside Smoke. 
Noah lives by the saying “If you're not first, you’re last.” Even though Noah acknowledges that a good performance doesn't always mean he ends up in the center of the podium, he knows that there is always room for improvement and that you can never be satisfied with where you’re at. He says, “The moment that you lose that hunger to be better than everyone else you’ve already lost.”
To stay up to date with Noah follow him at @yuckskus


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