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Nutrient-rich African superfruit and electrolytes

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Baobab is rich in nutrients and provides a natural source of fiber

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Low in sugar with natural carbohydrates for sustainable fuel

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Natural prebiotic which optimizes gut health

Made with a real fruit

Baobab, in its natural state, is the first ingredient of Tiiga: Nature's Hydration. Baobab provides a number of nutrients including:


The Baobab found in Tiiga is grown and harvested naturally. The fruit has been shown to improve digestive health, support hydration, help balance blood sugar in the body and even assist in weight loss. With 7 grams of baobab per serving, Tiiga helps you fuel just as nature intended.

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Low Sugar

At 5g total sugar and only 3g of added cane sugar, Tiiga comes in far under other drink mixes while being uncompromising on taste

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Low glycemic index

Nature's Hydration can have a stabilizing effect on blood sugar providing people with a low glycemic beverage option.

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Natural energy

Nature's Hydration is packed with nutrients that give you a natural, non caffeinated energy boost without the crash.

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Minimal processing

One of the most unique properties about the Baobob fruit is that it is utilized in its natural state. The fruit is harvested in the dry season when the pulp has dried up into a powder. The powder is then sieved and ground finely to produce a light powder. That means there is minimal processing needed so that Tiiga retains as much nutrients from the fruit as possible.

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Supporting gut health & Immunity

The baobob fruit contains both prebiotics and fiber. Prebiotics help nourish the good bacteria in our digestive tract to keep it performing at optimum levels. Baobob is made up of over 50% of both soluble and and insoluble fiber. Both of these components make baobob an efficient way to support your gut.

Baobob contains over twice the Vitamin C of an Orange and more antioxidants than acai berries, goji berries, and blueberries. Both of these aid in the support of your immune system to keep you going in even the worst of cold and flu season.