Strawberry - Gut Friendly Hydration


Strawberry - Gut Friendly Hydration


Includes: 16 Pack Strawberry (2 Week Supply

Tiiga takes your water further by combining gut health and hydration into a tasty drink mix you can feel good about. Our main ingredient, baobab, has been used for centuries to improve digestion, support your immune system, and provide nutrient-dense hydration. 

Tiiga is one of the only products on the market that uses a real, raw superfruit as our main ingredient. A healthier, happier life is possible; find it with Tiiga. 

Your New Favorite Drink Mix

Formulated With You In Mind

Low in Sugar

Sugar aids your body in the absorption of electrolytes. But too much can leave you feeling guilty from all those empty calories. At 5g total sugar and only 3g of added pure cane sugar, Tiiga comes in far under other drink mixes, while still while being uncompromising on taste.

No Crazy Energy Peaks and Crashes

Our main ingredient, the baobab fruit, has natural fibers that can have a stabilizing effect on blood sugar. In addition, Tiiga is caffeine free with energy coming from natural carbohydrates and vitamins. No more feeling jittery one minute and crashing the next.

Ingredients To Feel Good About

The Baobab found in Tiiga is grown and harvested naturally - and yes! It really is POWDERED inside! Baobab has been shown to improve digestive health, support hydration, help balance blood sugar in the body, and even assist in weight loss. With 7 grams of baobab per serving, Tiiga helps you fuel just as nature intended.

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